Nomi Madness 

You don’t get much more wonderfully weird than Nomi Madness

In reading through his bio, it’s quite apparent that Nomi Madness experienced all the things most “different” boys do who just don’t fit in where we grew up – in Nomi’s case, near Atlanta, Georgia. 

From rebelling with makeup in high-school, to running away from home and go-go dancing in New York City, to being branded “too Broadway” for the American Idol viewing public, to being an extra in “Burlesque” Nomi Madness has led quite the colorful life and never giving up on his dreams and ambitions, he finally has realized the moment he has been waiting for all this time- his first single.

Take a listen to “Red Wine Girl” which is a sparkly jam packed with delight that brings back the fun and frolic that can only be heard in such early Madonna and Stephen Bray colloborations back in the 80s. I’m totally in love with the track and hopefully a few of you EQ readers will be in love with “Red Wine Girl” and Nomi Madness like I am. 

Nomi Madness’ new EP called “Fairy Tales” will be coming out soon and you can follow him on Twitter and on his official we bsite.