Now urban tracks with vacuous lyrics about women and money aren't often EQ's thing, but every now and then you have to listen to a track, step back and think 'Despite the bikinis and dodgy club dancing and other visual clichés in the video, that track was pretty good.' 

The track in question is 'Take It Away'. It's the new single from Downside, which comprises Dean Moxam and Sean Mcleod, who have been picking up airplay on BBC Radio 1Xtra and MTV Base. They've also got their fair share of exposure supporting big names across the UK.

'Take It Away' follows a pretty familiar formula – ridiculously catchy chorus punctuated with relatively chilled-out rap. The overall product, whilst nothing spectacularly new, is certainly worth a listen and deserves a place on radio and club playlists. If you're not feeling completely convinced, don't worry; neither are we. But take a listen below and decide for yourself.