By Mandy Rogers

The age bracket for accomplished producers seems to be tumbling evermore into the teenage sphere of late, there has been a swathe of notable young bloods barely out of high-school whose skill and expertise already in the field of house music production have quite secured a rosy future for it’s continual growth.  For the French it’s 17 year old Madeon whose carving up the excitement in the production stakes, for Sweden we’ve recently heard of 15 year old Jakob Liedholm and lest we forget, that perhaps the most heard of yet, Avicii is still only a mere 22 year old.

Let’s add another upcoming name into the frame. Joining the young guns of house music production spotlight turns full beam on Stockholms 19 year old Lucas Nord, and his debut release “Let Us Stay Young” with vocals provided by Emil and Rasmus of  5 piece Swedish collective Urban Cone.

On first listen if you didn’t know who was behind this, you wouldn’t be wrong in throwing out a guess in Adrian Lux’s direction, because what Nord has accomplished on first throw is of comparable quality and big in production craft of Swedish stalwart Lux, in particular mention Lux’sCan’t Sleep”. 

Let Us Stay Young” is a BIG, shake your booty down, heavily synth sequenced number – making Lucas Nord a BIG bright name to shine out in what is rapidly becoming a street full, of Swedish house production with their house music neon lights firmly switched on and beaming out to the world.