By Mandy Rogers

If you’ve been on the EQ ride with us for a while, you might
recall Joywride’s colourful frontman Ollie Wride leaping out as a lone figure
from our EQ Discovery spot and also live and alouding it at one of our EQ Live
a year or so back.

From that energised entrance it did all seemingly tail off
to go a tad quiet for a while, but lo and behold Ollie is back flanked with a
Joywride band to surround him and to kick glam pop even further in to the beams
of the super troopers than ever before.

Quite by chance in the interim Ollie met a like minded glam
pop lover in Josh Daley (Guitar), and between them they sort out some further
glitter pop bandmates James Cross (Drums) and Poppy Kavanagh (Bassist) to boost their numbers
and take their exhilarating electro rock to the stratosphere where Ollie’s
previous lone efforts have always belonged.

So no it hasn’t been at all quiet for Ollie, it’s been werk,
werk, werk, with the band ensembled they’ve been busy fixin up some new
material, twerking up the previous pop gems and begun road testing them on the
live circuit, and as such we have two introductory performance clips of
fierceness to bring to your attention. 

Saddle up and throw yourselves straight into
the extremely 80’s resplendent pop hooks of “Back To Reality"

Whilst Ollie’s former signature tune “Head Rush” gets a rub
up with a gleaming makeover that brings out this trusted pop nugget from his
treasure casket into an ingot pop gold.

It gives us goosebumps of excitement all over to have Ollie
now with Joywride back on the EQ radar. Hurrah!