By Mandy Rogers

Colour us intrigued! intrigued by whom?  Well for one thing, why London singer Katherine Fussey has a chosen a stage name of Joyce.  Although, as trivia and info stand we’re not going to ponder too deeply on that, being there’s much more loveliness too get hyped up about in the resultant musical product that flows out of Joyce music machine.

Given insight on Joyce’s musical background, her Father was a sound engineer for David Bowie and Roxy Music, whilst both her Uncle and Aunt also formed a crucial part of 70’s Team Bowie, respectively, as guitarist and as Bowie’s Hairdresser and creator of the iconic Ziggy Stardust do!

With all that information fed in, you might think that a little glam power had worked its way through the families “Jean Jeanies” (Gene Genies?!) and marked Katherine AKA Joyce down as a re-birthed hybrid of somewhere between  Suzi Quatro and La Roux!

Oh, No! No! Nothing of the sorts, if anything after listening to her cover of Wave MachinesKeep The Lights On”, if we didn’t have the handy press release to inform us, we would have assumed that Joyce was another budding Scandinavian pop sensation!

Joyce’s interpretation of “Keep The Lights On” is one driven by a sultry subtle vocal elevating into an exultant chorus line of dynamic ballady pop, set against the ebb and flowing tides of softly synth spun hues that gives off an encouraging glint of both gleaming sunshine and breezy glacial pop.

So we could in turn say, it’s all quite the trick of the light from Joyce and everything is NOT as first thought!  Whilst the video…… well it’s not too shabby at all, infact Joyce continues to fool us into falsely assuming that she might have been Scandinavian, as it seems she’s been lucky enough to feature in the aurora borealis as well, as it swept past her London pad. 

Joyce is both a joy to behold in both captivating our vision and listening senses with her mysterious but lovely otherworldy ways .