Say hello to Champagne Riot.  

I just got an introductory email from them and after spending ten minutes with their, I immeditately love what I hear – so of course I just had to share with all of you right away.  Take a listen to their key songs on their MySpace like "Heart Stab" and "Friend Of A Friend" and I'll think you'll be drowning in a pleasurable silky bath of 80's drum machines, melodramatic synth-lines and soothing yet quirky vocals which tick all the right boxes for today's pure pop purveyors who love a bit of 80s heartache.  "The Champagne Anthem" is straight outta retro-heaven.  Need a comparitive?  Think Erasure meets The Sound Of Arrows.

Champagne Riot are pretty new and could use the extra plays on MySpace so do them a favour and get listening.    I can only describe Champagne Riot as pure brit-pop pleasure – even though they hail from Scandinavia.  Go figure.

Champagne Riot release their double-A side single of "Heart Stab" / "Friend Of A Friend" on 27th September.  I'll be looking out for that download – that's for sure.