If you call this band a rebound band, they will slap you. The four piece, based in East London Town, were formed in the wake of both band and relationship break ups.  But whilst the connotation of rebound in love terms is quite filthy, the same can’t be said for the definition in music.  
Whilst this song from Bronze Medallists is the polar opposite to their early recordings, ‘Mathematics’ brings together a new era for not just their music, but for the band. It’s an ode to all things formulaic and an elevation to something not so new. 
A suppressing ‘Sci-ballad’ that totals up the algorithms and algebraic prose of the love and the bittersweet involved when one loves another. Lead singer Olly Price pulls you back in to normality when he declares “I’d write down A and B for you and me, predict fine high trajectory”. His subtle vocals with an almost scientific layering of chords and reverbs create a new shape of pop.

The video is genius. It reflects the band’s desire to immerse you in to another dimension of live music. Created by the team that creates the holograms for the Gorillaz, the video tells the story of talking computer screens; literally two human bodies with screens as heads. It’s a brilliant concept, and a brilliant concept that works. 

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