When I listen to Blaze Blackheart’s music I get such a warm feeling inside. 

His new single “I Feel Alright” is bathed in summery, shimmery luxuriousness that you can’t help but get swept away in it’s sheer perfection.  With a style and panache that puts forward the fun and whimsy of electronic 80’s hip hop with big melodies, Blaze Blackheart moves steadfast to the top of the pop classroom with his music and he’s certainly one to keep an eye on.  Check out the look too – he’s like Usher meets Willy Wonka – and that my dear readers is just uber cool coming from a man who is a self-proclaimed “gentleman” of hip hop.

Check out Blaze Blackheart on his official MySpace and make sure you check out “I Feel Alright” and get acquainted with him below.