Avec Sans

By Mandy Rogers

They are being somewhat understated in introducing themselves but the synth pop scene heralds an exciting new find in a London based duo of synth makers, Avec Sans, Jack St. James and Alice Fox.

The duo have already ignited a flurry of online excitement for their simply stunning synth pop cover of Bon Iver’s “Perth” and now show out their own music, debuting track “Heartbreak Hi


Keynote here is special! from the pulsating opening few bars, to Alice’s sublimely other worldly mellowed out vocal tones, “Heartbreak Hi” delivers a resplendent debut of synth worthiness that wholly taps into the new age of new-wave with the aplomb of such shining key acts in this area as the Golden Filter and Ladytron.

This synthony of endearing synth pop loveliness has also been made available for FREE download by visiting HERE and there’s also an organically, coloured splashed teaser on the video to further intrigue.

In three little words I am finding Avec Sans = simply synthly sensational