Apollo Gets The Girl

By Mandy Rogers

Scottish electro pop is starting to stir some excitement
again. After our recent find and EQ Discovery of Churches, here comes a trio
from Glasgow, Apollo Gets The Girl.

A space age name for a super sci-fi stoked experience.  The band are hooked on all things other
worldly and cinematic, and it reflects into the inner reaches of their music.

As in, first taste track “New Dawn”, their mellow
electronica softly bleats across the music sphere to infinity and beyond
stoking up some rocket fuel injected electro rock riffs in it’s climax. How
very Ultravox of them to end it like that!

Engaging, with an enlightening twist on the current hot bed
of established electronica acts. Apollo Gets The Girl have scored a new dawn of
electronica of their own making.

Although, a little work to be done on the promotional picture side, would be heartwarming to see!

Tune in and pick up "New Dawn" for FREE