One of my favourite new acts this year is definitely, without a doubt, "The Good Natured" aka Sarah McIntosh.  She is by far one THE nicest musician I have ever met.  She has a sincereness about her music that really drives it home for me.  Having found an old keyboard at her nan’s house and turning it into some rather brilliant electro, it’s hard to not fall captive to The Good Natured.  If you can get your hands on her sold out "Warriors" EP, you won’t be disappointed.  On with the chat…

Hello Sarah – how are you today?
I am very well thank you! I am eating shredded wheat right now…

So why did you chose the name – The Good Natured?
I wrote some lyrics once and "the good natured" was in them and I thought it would be a lovely name, I am quite good natured I think.

We absolutley love your first single "Warriors" – what’s that song about?
Loss and loneliness.

Is it true you sold out your first pressing of the "Warriors EP" already?
It is indeed, people are very nice it would seem.

It’s very interesting that you found your keyboard in the rubbish at your nan’s house. What made you grab the keyboard, dust it off and start an electro project?
Yeah, well she wasn’t going to use it any more as she has arthirtis, so i said "I am having that!". Then one day i decided to paint it.  I just played on it all the time really.  I thought I should make something of it.


And here you are!  Any plans for an album or are you going to keep releasing EPs?
EP’s, I think there should be one in the new year!

We heard you even started up your own music night for electro and accoustic singers – tell us about it.
It is at the Slaughtered Lamb in Farringdon, its all very cosy with lots of sofas and leapord print cushions.

Huge thanks for playing the last Electroqueer@Barcode cllub night in September – did you have a good time?
I loved it, best gig i have done in ages.  It was so much fun!


You’re still in school too right? How is it balancing school life with budding pop-stardom?
Yes, I am doing my A levels, I must dash to school now actually, I have a maths lesson, the joy! Ahh I seem to manage alright!

Well thanks Sarah for chatting with me. Any parting words for EQ readers?
I love EQ!

The Good Natured on MySpace