If you would have told me last week I would have been sitting in front of outrageous mega celebrity Janice Dickinson chatting to her about her new dance single, I most certainly wouldn't have believed you.  Janice decided that she wanted to chat to a music blogger about the new single (which I can't reveal the title to you just yet) and as fate would have it, I was invited down to a hotel lobby to have a very quick chat with Janice about it.  

The chat was a lot of fun albeit a little "crazy".  I was a tad nervous about doing this – it is Janice Dickinson for crying out loud – I was afraid she'd eat me alive.  But as it turns out, Janice is really sweet and was very kind to me!  I survived the encounter and you can read all about it below.  She is a little all over the place, sometimes you wonder what is going on inside, but that's the beauty of her personality.

Later that evening, she was a guest judge at G.A.Y.'s Porn Idol stripper competition and the host Jeremy Joseph asked her what "size requirements" she demands in men and Janice replied, "Well honey, if it aint as big as this microphone I'm holding, we ain't going there"… Genius – I just love her.  

So the single – it's lots of fun.  If you like the music of RuPaul and Crystal Waters, then you'll get a right kick out of it when it comes out.  Again, I can't reveal too much about it now, but you'll be the first to know when it's ready to be heard…

EQ:  Well hello Janice – how are you today? 
Janice Dickinson:  I’m good – the weather is so weird here, my eyes are drying up. I think we’ll need some water – don’t ya think? [Beckons assistant for some crackers and some water…]

Sounds good. So tell me, you recorded a dance single! I’ve heard it…
Oh really! What did you think, we’re you like what is this crazy bitch doing?

Well with any new song, I don’t make judgments until I actually hear the song…
That’s good, I really hope the press doesn’t tear me up over it. It’s a fun song. Y’know after all these years, I just wanted to give something back to all the wonderful gays that have helped me in this life. I mean HELLO, I’m 55 years old and I wouldn’t look like this if it weren’t for the gays…But seriously, what do you really think of the song?

I think it quite sums up your entire “iconicness” in about three minutes and I love the whole Crystal Waters bits…

– I fucking love that, did you just make up that word?

It just came to me really.
I love that. That’s hot. But seriously I know everyone is going to think I’m crazy putting out a record, but I just really want to give something back, to the AIDS charities because sometimes you just got to give back y’know. I played the song for my daughter and she loved it, so that was cool. My daughter turns 16 very soon and I just saw a hot little leather jacket I want to buy for her, I was just admiring your leather jacket – she likes leather jackets and jeans. Hey, do you like Ke$ha? Look at me, I’m interviewing you now!

Ke$ha is alright.
I love Ke$ha, she reminds me a lot of me when I was younger.

I could see the similarities there.
I did a show with her recently and it was just crazy – I want to work with her.

Are you involved in London Fashion Week at all?
I should be, but I’m not as I’m leaving London before it all gets started. But I can come back in a heartbeat if someone will bring my tired old ass back here. One of the London designers should hear my music and bring me back for it. Hint Hint.

Are you excited to go back to LA?
I love LA. I mean obviously, look at the weather here! This is the worst weather in the world! London is my favorite city in the world, but when there is sunshine here, it is HEAVEN. So tell me, whose the big icons today? You like Lady Gaga don’t you? I know you do…

I love Gaga – I write about her a fair bit.
Tell me about her, what do you know? What’s she like? Is she nice?

She’s really down to earth I think. When I chatted to her, I totally got the impression that she lives for music and to me she comes across as quite genuine, but to others, I can see how they might not like her…
Don’t you think she’s a little outrageous?

Some of her outfits are…
You don’t like them?

I wouldn’t say I don’t like them – but isn’t part of being an icon also mean that you have to be outrageous too? You should know a little bit about that Janice…

is giving Madonna a run for her money!

I know – I agree…

getting old. She’s old. She’s evolved into something else. She’s evolved into a mom. Gaga – she’s there for the gays, as I am. I’ve had the kids, but I’ve always been there for my gays. ALWAYS.

Well the gays certainly do love you – we do.
I love the gays! So what are you doing for dinner?

After this I’m off to review an Owl City gig…[kicks myself as I realize Janice may have just invited me to dinner…]

Oh yeah, I love Owl City. Tell them I LOVE them. That’s hot. Owl City!

I most certainly will. Well that’s it Janice – Thanks so much for the lovely chat.
You’re SO welcome. I hope and wish you well and that all your dreams come true. I hope my music touches you in places that you haven’t been touched – like right in between your….eyes! [laughs]

Now that’s something to live by!
[Random little boy comes over and sits in a chair next to Janice]. Hi there! Do you like that chair? It’s got titties on it! Do you see the titties on it?