While I was stranded in NYC due to the volcanic ash, I randomly got to have an impromtu chat with Katrina of Katrina & The Waves fame about the 25th Anniversary of her HUGE 80's hit "Walking On Sunshine" which was so much fun.  Katrina is also another American living in London who was stranded in NYC so we had a lot to chat about and bond over.  

In my chat with Katrina, she actually talks about the effect that "Walking On Sunshine" has had on people and pop culture over the years and how the song has helped her through some of the darkest times in her life.  We also talk about the song being used in Glee as a mashup with Beyonce recently and we have a good laugh about some of her more embarrasing moments in her life through her career in the music industry. 

If you are a product of the 80s, then you'll absolutely love this little chat with Katrina – I enjoyed it immensely and just wanted to share it with all of you. I just have to mention too that I'm a huge addict of Xbox's latest release, "Lips – I Love The 80s" which features "Walking On Sunshine" and there may have been a moment or two where I was caught by my hubby jamming out to this song with a plastic Xbox microphone to Katrina's massive hit.  So much fun – I highly suggest you try it sometime…just like these guys…