Hey EQs.  So Rochelle have officially released their fab new video to "Chin Up" today and I got to have a wee chat with lead singer Lydia about the new song!  Enjoy!

Hey Rochelle – how are you today?
Great thanks. Feeling sunny in London Town.

So tell us about your new single "Chin Up".  What's it all about?
The song itself is essentially about going out, gatecrashing, partying, forgetting your worries and getting lost in the good times. It comes from experience and is also something we can all relate to. Although its upbeat and a feel-good tune, there's a darker side to it. Its an easy song to dance to and party to, but also sit down and listen to. That's something really important in the song-writing process. Its multi-layered. Multi-functional. Its always a great song to perform because its just fun, fresh and strong. And its all about the bassline.

So I read that your songs will make listeners feel like they are a teenager in a John Hughes movie…why is that exactly?
Ha, yeah – well our music certainly has an essence of 80's teen spirit. We grew up with early Madonna, Talking Heads, Human League so the New Wave sounds must have filtered through. Maybe it brings out the rebel and the cool kid in you..?

OK then, spill the beans – which John Hughes movie sums each of you up the best…
Thom would be The Breakfast Club, showcasing his rebellious streak. I'd stand for the fun loving rebellion of Ferris Bueller's Day Off. And James, Pretty in Pink…although he's a bit more Disney!

You been gigging at all?  What can someone expect from a Rochelle show?
Its loud. Like a party, only better haha. We've been writing and constructing a new set up so had a bit of time getting our techno minds together to make sure we blow people away when they come to see us. We were gigging plenty last year, but with new songs and geeky samplers and synths, we're so excited to be getting out there again, it feels fresh! Soundwise, its like an orgasm of filthy guitars, sensual synths, lots of bass and pounding live beats. We like to put on a show and get involved, so that the crowds get stuck in too. I can't help dancing when I sing or resist throwing a Techtonic shape or two. Big sounds, not for the faint hearted. All our love goes into what we do and we like sharing that with everyone.

Well thanks Rochelle – we're loving "Chin Up".  Your parting words…
"Good Times!"