Well it should come as zero surprise that "Bad Romance" by Lady Gaga is still number one on the EQ Chart this Sunday.  It's literally the best song of this year if you ask me.  But this time of year does bring a whole plethora of good music and below are the other 49 songs that make up the perfect playlist for these dreary November lazy days.  

1. Bad Romance: Lady Gaga [#1 – 2 weeks]
2. Your Body Is A Machine: The Good Natured
3. Under The Sheets: Ellie Goulding
4. Viva La Vida: Darin
5. About A Girl: Sugababes
6. I Came 2 Party: Space Cowboy ft. Cinema Bizarre
7. Sombody To Love: Leighton Meester ft Robin Thicke
8. For Your Entertainment: Adam Lambert [new – highest debut]
9. Come And Get It: Loebeat
10. Halo: Red Blooded Women

11. Delusional: Simon Curtis
12. Sexy People: Lolene
13. Pick Up The Phone: Dragonette
14. Oops Do You Love Me: Pandering & The Golddiggers
15. Panic: Xuman
16. Paint Your Face: Sliimy
17. You And I: Medina
18. London is Bangin: Disco Damage
19. The Spell: Alphabeat
20. Something Golden: Le Corps De Mince Francoise

21. Critical: Soft Toy Emergency
22. Hotter: Parralox [#1 – 2 weeks] 
23. Friends Don't: Menya
24. Telephone: Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce [new]
25. Earthquake: Little Boots
26. Heartbreak On Vinyl: Blake Lewis [new]
27. Oh Solitude: RebekkaMaria [new]
28. Meet Me Halfway: Black Eyed Peas
29. Dance The Way I Feel: Ou Est Le Swimming Pool
30. I'm Not Your Toy: La Roux

31. Something About You: The Bleach Works [new]
32. Don't Bring Flowers: Erik Hassle [new]
33. Kandi: One EskimO [new] 
34. Orally Fixated: Roisin Murphy [new]
35. Someday Soon: Tiffany [new]
36. Bye Bye Baby: Temposhark [new]
37. I Need You Now: Agnes [new]
38. 3: Britney
39. Difficult For Weirdos: Robbie Williams [new]

40. Damaris: Patrick Wolf [new]
41. Fight For This Love: Cheryl Cole
42. Escape Me: Tiësto ft C.C. Sheffield
43. Electric Lady: Tesla Boy [new]
44. Boy's Don't Cry: KCAT [new]
45. Tongue: MaJiKer
46. DJ: Alphabeat [new]
48. Bounce: Vice [new]
49. Fireflies: Owl City [new]
50. Reunited: Fan Death [new]