Earlier this year, the UK was formally introduced to Kimberly Wyatt who stepped out of The Pussycat Dolls shadow to become a celebrity judge on Sky 1's hit TV program "Got To Dance".  Kimberly proved to be brutally honest on the show which garnered her some massive attention (both positive and negative) from the UK press.  One thing for sure though, if anyone could tell potential new dancers what the world of dance is REALLY like – Kimberly Wyatt was your go-to girl. 

Despite having been the most critical judge on "Got To Dance", Kimberly Wyatt remains a powerful new force in pop music with her Pussycat Doll pedigree and her masterful skills as a world-class top notch dancer.  Together with Spencer Nezey of Jupiter Rising, the duo have now formed the incredible new electro-pop outfit called Her Majesty & The Wolves.  I for one am ecstatic about what I am hearing so far in way of their new single "Stars In Your Eyes" and Kimberly's top five single "Candy" with Aggro Santos still remains one of my favourite songs of 2010 as well.

I recently caught up with Kimberly Wyatt on the phone in Los Angeles to talk about the Her Majesty & The Wolves project, our mutual love for "Got To Dance" contestant Matthew Koon, stepping out on her own into the solo spotlight and what she really thinks of Nicole Scherzinger's new single "Poison".

"Stars In Your Eyes" by Her Majesty & The Wolves is released in January and you can learn more about the amazing duo on their official website.  Enjoy the interview!

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