by Raj Rudolph

One of the bands I've obsessed over for the last few years has been Bim. Their first album "Scatterheart" is a must own for any serious connoisseur of electronic pop music. Their ability to marry a yearning melody with a beautifully orchestrated synth is epic beyond comparison. They truly are one of the diamonds in the rough in today's landscape of unemotional "hands in the air" manufactured pop music.

Their latest EP is entitled "Lifelines" and just as "Scatterheart" mesmorized and took electronic pop to another level for me, "Lifelines" does more of the same – if not more. Lead single "Burn" below is a prime example of such brilliance whilst "Lights Out" continues to make me believe in a new hope in pop music whilst being on trend with it's crispy coated dubstep magic.

The winning prize on "Lifelines" is most definitely my favourite new Bim song called "Untouchable". The EP is worth buying just for this song, even if you aren't convinced of the sheer genius that Bim exudes so effortlessly.

"Lifelines" by Bim is released on iTunes on November 5th whilst a pre-release of "Burn" is coming very soon on October 8th. I highly suggest you put a reminder in your calendar right now.