By Mandy Rogers

As we reach the approach of the dazzling Europe pop cavalcade, you might be thinking that Ell and Nikki are solely responsible by their 2011 Eurovision win for putting Azerbaijan on the music map.  Let us remind you, we have actually been taken in previously to that by the glorious pop power of Emin Agalarov. Michael Buble good looks and accomplished hold of stunning pop melodies “Obvious”, “Anytime You Fall” and “Just For One Night” all but a year ago, when we shed some light on him through EQ Discovery

Joys, of joys he’s set to return and ignite our summer with a new album full of contemporary pop genius “After The Thunder”, that strikes a balance between ballads to wistfully melt away too and up tempo dance numbers to burn up the soles of your shoes.

Emin will also be back on your TV screens real soon too, as he has be given the prestigious spot of representing the Euro host nation as the evenings showcase of Azerbaijan entertainment in the interval whilst the votes roll in at this years Eurovision spectacular. So as you sit through the quirky pop moments of Eurovision, we already know about, The Buranova Grannies, Jedward and to an extent Engelbert, (we’re sure there’ll be others!) you know there is something salvable of contemporary pop brilliance to bring it all back into a dazzling pop perspective of here and now via Emin.

With no further adieu let’s grab some further insight into the new album “After The Thunder” and skip through a sample of some of the tracks “Baby Get Higher”, “Dead Roses" and "Walk Through Walls" as Emin has dropped us a delightful EPK to explain all in his own words. Which we suggest you make time to sit through for a few minutes, since I'm sure we'd all rather be dazzled by his cute smile, rather than me guiding you through it through my word power.

Happy days too! – Afterwards you might care to check out Emin's website and pick up for yourselves a couple of amazing FREE Downloads "Falling" and "One Last Dance", that were previously seen on last album "Wonder", but have now been exclusively mixed to form a bonus to the "After The Thunder" promotion.