While listening through some of the many submissions sent into me recently, I inadvertently, stumbled onto VOILÀ, an emerging LA-based pop/rock duo and their Latin inspired track “Mamacita” featuring Lexy Panterra. The track completely caught my attention not only because of its super catchiness but for its musicality and production as well. I was swept up by the “Mamacita” groove in fact. The rhythm has an irresistible, swagger which is extremely hard to ignore. I can’t even begin to say how many times I listened to the song upon first discovering it.

Unearthing this new find prompted me to take a deep dive into VOILÀ’s other tracks online. I can see that Luke Eisner and Gus Ross of the duo haven’t been messing around. The guys have amassed at least a handful of original tracks as well as adding covers and remixes to their name. What I am finding most appealing though is the combination of elements which the guys incorporate into their sound. From intricate guitar strums to pop sensibilities. The indie approach is working like a dream. But it wasn’t always the case. As when starting-out, their efforts largely concentrated around an EDM style.

However, I am sensing its more a case of never say never, that we won’t encounter a hit of electronic elements peeking through, every so now and again in their work. The freshly unleashed track “Water,” definitely seems to have benefited by the gentlest of electronic embellishments. But, the main focus of VOILÀ boils down to the intimate lyrics. The songwriting is skilfully crafted and exhibits unabashed honesty and authenticity. Little by little, the duo are marking their mark. Among their achievements to date, are support slots for Kesha and Walk The Moon. While Luke also stars in the Netflix romantic comedy “Tall Girl“, and also features the bands track “Stand Tall” with “Tall Girl” actress, Ava Michelle.

Spanish influenced “Mamacita” introduced me to this band, but VOILÀ’s horizons are broadening with each new release. The current single “Water,” is the most on-trend of the bunch. A definite, solid release. Pop duos are hardly an endangered species in, 2019, but there should still be room for those as talented as VOILÀ.

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Twitter: @wearevoila
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wearevoila/