The Soap Girls 1

Having reaped success in scaling their native South African chart-hit parade, French-South African sisterly duo The SoapGirls introduce their sassy brand of pop to the world stage, not impacting with one song alone, but rather like themselves with two neon bombs of unabashed colourful pop presence.

Before we launch into the music, are we somewhat curious of how Camille and Noemie Debray earned The SoapGirls band name? Since, it has to be said it is a little more intriguing than the average band name tag – right? Plus I can divulge that it is a cute and endearing story to re-tell. Well it stems back to girls junior years as street performers before they ventured into music careers, when alongside their entertaining antics the philanthropic natured girls crafted and sold their own handmade soaps and donated the proceeds to charities help the homeless and to abandoned animal shelters and thus for their altruistic spirit were thereafter, dubbed by the locals as The SoapGirls.

As the entrepreneurial siblings look to branch out with a global music career, they launch with two sprightly vivacious pop anthems “Looking For Love” and “Lie To Me”, the former of a sugary dance pop character replete with candy coated harmonies whilst the latter effervesces with a profusion of edgy pop rock attitude.

For sure, The SoapGirls sing and sang their potently dynamic ying and yang hearts out on this their global debuts, to which we see enough pop creditability on offer here to determine that The SoapGirls could possibly have plenty for us to buzz about some more in the future.