I have only so much broken the surface in giving a passing mention to up-and-coming synth-pop trio SYKES so far here on EQ. They are far from an oversight at all, but you know I felt I wanted to hear a little more of what they were bringing to a live setting actually, before I jumped up loudly on bringing them to your attention.

Still considered very much in their infancy, SYKES who are vocal lead / keys – Julia, guitars – Kristian and Will – drums, have a modest amount of tracks to their name already and also have seen some interest sparked upon from over the pond in the US. Stemmed by a fortuitous encounter at a gig they were performing at in Florida which was attended by the big guy behind the by Vans Warped Tours Kevin Lyman and hence forth, he took up on backing them on their stateside venture.

So in some ways perhaps it’s now filtering through that in this case I was keen to feel the buzz from SYKES in much the same way in which Kevin Lyman was struck by their potential.

Bordering the indie / alternative / synth-pop genres there’s much scope for a band such as SYKES to be nurtured and expand in musical growth within. Whilst I expect the momentum of interest is to keenly rise in them as SYKES continue to bring their synth injected indie pop into live set ups and festival atmosphere over the upcoming months.

Here’s SYKES latest track “Best Thing” live. It would be so easy to push them into the Chvrches bracket but since dropping “Best Thing” it is evident here that there is a more indie defined definition about them more on the lines to that of say, New Order.

More of SYKES music can be found on Soundcloud.