Dean Garcia and his daughter Rose Berlin are best known for their extensive catalogue of works within a guitar led scuzzing experimental twist upon the indie-pop shoegazey genre, which has served their project SPC ECO (Space Echo) four albums to date rolled out through a 5 year period.

Although, the use of electronica has been integrally featured throughout SPC ECO’s career, it is now that they have inched forward to grab a starring role.

From a project that has seen to niche itself extensively around an industrial pop gauze, the re-awakened sound attributed upon newly released album ”The Art Of Pop”, takes to the use of electronic textures played out through a dystopian level of sub-pop and new-wave awareness.

The Art Of Pop’s” mini track sampler below reveals the marriage between fizzing apocalyptic melodies brought to life through jolts of frenetically pulsating electronic energy and the ethereally honeyed vocal component which Rose Berlin’s breathy performance brings into the resulting beguilingly artful mix.

The darkly moulded synth orchestrated backdrops echo with the retro grandeur spawned of pioneering electronic forefathers like Depeche Mode and Portishead whilst the vox dances lightly with the waftingly evocative presence noted in similarity, we feel to Sneaker Pimps front woman Kelli Ali.

In going fully forward into the electronic threshold, SPC ECO’sThe Art Of Pop” reveals itself to be a dynamically intoxicating and skilfully produced effort on all counts.