Brooklyn based duo SKiPPER!, are making a splash in the electro-pop world. They are only two tracks in, on their journey, nevertheless, there is every indication they have amassed a good grasp of musicality elsewhere to carry them forward and gain bigger noticeability. Corinne and Michael look and sound as though they have just, stepped out of the 1980s. They dress up in a riot of Day-Glo colours, their sound spins through a vibrant soundscape of synthy and pop vibes. Their new single is called “Stupid Ache” which as song title goes seems a highly original choice if you ask me. It also makes us very curious as to find out what the track has been written about. This is very clever, thinking on SKiPPER!’s part, wouldn’t you agree?

I have the insight of a press release which informs.

“The track is candid interpretation about the intoxicating joy and the infuriating madness that comes from being in a long term relationship. When you find your longtime love, there will be times where you don’t always see eye to eye, but still – you’ll do anything for that “Stupid Ache.”

Little did Corinne and Michael know when they wrote this track, how particularly, relevant this theme would turn out to be, during these days of being quarantined for weeks on end, inside our homes. When having a minor disagreement can spark friction which can really chip away at us, and the effects of cabin fever begin to do their worst. A thoughtful touch can bring us back around to normality, and hopefully, the majority of partnerships will weather the occasional storm. When reality bites, step away, cool-off and be reminded of the little silly things we like about one another. SKiPPER! implore us to do the same, in the timely lyrics of their track “Stupid Ache.”

I think after this pandemic has passed, “Stupid Ache” could well emerge as the new anthem for couples, uniting us in our sanity, that we pulled through the mentally testing times of COVID-19.

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