There are a gluttony of new emerging pop acts out there awaiting discovery but I am questioning how come is it that I haven’t been particularly introduced to Australian electronic pop trio SAFIA before now? Because they have racked up some serious levels of acclaim down under and appear to be quite considered the cream rising to the top of up-and-coming Aussie electro creative acts scaling the growing praise of the blogosphere, through coming to prominence as a tour support act to Lorde.

I took the liberty to sit me down and listen through SAFIA’s modestly expanding back catalogue of tracks that have been springing up in place over the stint of the last couple of years and can only add comment that their material is both deliciously smooth whilst also expanding in coverage of creativity at the turn of every track.

Being that SAFIA are new news to me, I’m gonna go raise the praise on their spanking new release “Embracing Me” and its predecessor “Counting Sheep”, all of which is only a mere 3 months old.

SAFIA’s backbone of sweeping sonic levitated soundscapes, pop like pockets of air amidst a celestial uprising of dreamily beckoned soulful influence on current release “Embracing Me”. Combined with a futuristic ether, it has the shapeshifting ability to diversify and reposition itself in an instant from that of an easy going starting point to that of hot fired summer flushed electronica beaming down its pulses of lushly topped melody.

I could not step away from giving a shout out also to SAFIA’s previous single “Counting Sheep”, as this is in some way something different from the above, displaying a darker mowed demeanour, of punctuated rhythmic pulses which blossom into bubbling action through a chilling template designed of eerie freakiness. In all honesty the darker and deeper into the bosom of electronic pop thriller action “Counting Sheep” takes itself too, the even more I likes it.

Mark down SAFIA as one’s to watch. They may be currently concentrating on raising their profile stateside but I’m more of the opinion that their woozy strokes of electrically charged creative genius would be a welcome addition into the electronic arena this side of the pond also.

If you want to discover even more SAFIA do so here.