Our readers may have noticed how excitable I am about the electronic and pop music currently found on the Danish music scene. Namely, because it is a fact I have shared more emerging Danish pop acts than from anywhere else in the world on the blog this year. I have sat and pondered why this sudden Danish pop explosion is happening. In conclusion, I have a theory that while the rest of the world took to brooding and melancholy. The Danes instead chose to set themselves apart and use their pandemic and lockdown times wisely. Where they were concentrating on crafting joyous pop and blissful electronica. With the foresight in mind that music fans would crave this style of music when the world began to get back to normalcy. As far as I am concerned, I am of similar thinking to that of the people of Denmark.

ROYA is the latest dynamic electro-pop duo from Denmark to catch my ear. Their song is “Kinda Sad“. Thankfully, this track doesn’t quite live up to what the song title eludes. The offering isn’t all gloomy pop and darkness. Yet, it is a scream-along anthem about a relationship break-up, nonetheless.

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I can’t hide my feelings about break-up songs. As generally speaking, I am pretty much sick to the back teeth of encountering so many of them daily. On balance, the ROYA track keeps me happy where others have failed to do so. Since they bring together a delicate yet alluring synth sound. Blissfully dreamy in style when coupled with the achingly tender voice of the duo’s Line. The musicality of ROYA is contemplative and enthralling. The sweet voice and killer synths lead me to look upon them as a Danish comparative of CHVRCHES. (But just with this song!)

In addition. They have another, slightly more future-forward track, “All I Love About Us“. I appreciate the leftfield pop vibe and mesmerising vocals on this one more. The takeaway is that “All I Love About Us” establishes that ROYA is, to me, ambitious and creatively minded. I very much like their approach to pop. It doesn’t pain me to say this, Denmark came up with the goods, yet again.

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