Photo: www.edwhitmarsh.com

We’re hitting upon that time of year when thoughts instinctively begin looking towards the New Year that will undoubtedly come racing into view before we know it. Most notably in the new music calendar it is a time of considerable marked importance. When there is a greater spotlight bearing down on new music acts who are deemed ones to watch, further establish themselves into the fabric of he new music scene. With the optimum outlook being seen as gaining the credit of taste-maker support into taking their music creativity out to a much larger public audience.

As readers of EQ, you’ll already be aware that it is our intention to support these up-and-coming talents be they signed or unsigned as our main focal concern not just in Q4 but each and every day or as near as we can too it, providing of course, we deem their talent and end product to our exacting liking, in the first instance.

You can also be guaranteed that we’ll begin to see a few of the acts that have been circulating on electronic pop periphery, suddenly up their game and come through with their best work to date. Whilst others may concentrate on keeping on hold their end product just a little longer, but invitingly tease the direction their music will focus upon, with a few choice cover interpretations, or remixes.

Once such electronic pop act who have been gaining ground in this way over the past few months are RIVRS, a trio out of London who especially facilitate around an omnipresence of dark pop leaning projection.

Don’t sound the alarm bells just yet that it might all be a tad brooding and over-used of melancholy, because RIVRS strokes of defined noir artistry makes them more excitingly shoulders height above all of that.

Seriously though, if Kistuné where quick off the mark to see RIVRS included on their “New Faces II” compilation, believe me I take note! As have Atlantic Records who the trio have subsequently more recently, inked with.

There isn’t so much of RIVRS original work out there just of yet, of what there is, the Kistuné celebrated “Last Love and former collaborative effort “Close To You” with up-and-coming funky electronic producer Lóbo, is demonstrative enough of RIVRS impressive grasp of manicuring a refined balance of ethereally spellbinding, credible musicianship in place already.

As RIVRS will be serving their debut material with Atlantic in the upcoming New Year, in the interim the trio have issued 1 x remix – 1 x cover thus far, which will lead into their launch proper. A creditable remix interpretation of labelmate Charli XCX’s “Famous” has already scored a vast amount of favour whilst, noting a moody pop giving tonality of downbeat evocativeness.

Further to this, the trio have just released a particularly electronic emotive cover of “The Chain” by Fleetwood Mac. This cover is a masterful showing of interpretational skills and on its standalone merit alone is insightfully captivating.

Should we be getting a tad attached to RIVRS at this early stage? If this strikingly accomplished cover is indicative of what might be on its way to us to consume at will in the near future, I think we should, shouldn’t we?!