While we have been aware Jack Antonoff, and his Bleachers bandmates have been hard at work on their third studio album. It wasn’t common knowledge, Antonoff had formed another collaborative project, Red Hearse with Sam Dew and Sounwave. The supergroup was recently revealed by way of two singles “Honey” and eponymous track “Red Hearse“. As such, these tracks are the sum of when three different creative energies come together. In that, they have a lot to offer in a diverse and buzzworthy sense.

My excite level about the newly formed trio didn’t begin to rise until a few days ago when their third effort “Half Love” appeared online. Of the three releases, this one links in with more of an indie-pop vibe, and in my opinion, has the strong strongest melody yet. Like the track predecessors in “Honey” and “Red Hearse,” this one uses contrasting soundscapes. A spectacular Prince-like aesthetic brought by the octave scaling vocal of Sam Dew. Dreamily stylised production at the hands of Top Dawg stalwart Sounwave. With Antonoff interspersing his wide-ranging skill sets throughout. All-in-all, the pop vibes on the track are enormous. I really like the nostalgic feel of it. The Grant Singer directed music video starring St. Vincent, facilitates some dark quirky humour, making it feel quite British. Along the lines of Monty Python, The League of Gentlemen and the like. This is totally my thing!

The Bleachers frontman is getting a lot of mentions when talking about this new music project. It is worth pointing out on all these Red Hearse tracks Sam Dew is brought forward as the vocal lead, not Jack Antonoff. That in itself says something of the collaboration. No hierarchy. And, far more about, three guys who were in their creative flow, and who wanted to throw down some grooves together.

Jack, has spoken on Instagram about Red Hearse being “the sound of the three of us in a room”. I am happy the door of this room has been opened, enabling us to hear the tracks. They equally, stand out as being curiously intriguing, and spellbinding. An album drops this summer.

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red hearse is sam dew, sounwave and myself. we’d meet ever once in a while in california at the studio. we don’t think much about what we are gonna do, we just make a plan to meet. wave plays something on his mpc, theres mic and moog. it happened like that – and something that we loved came from the three of us in the room. so we kept doing it whenever we could. then an album was alive. so many things in the art world can get over cooked / over A and R’ed / etc. we made these songs me wave sam and laura sisk engineering. thats all. no other writers producers or players. red hearse is the sound of the 3 of us in a room. i love that about these songs. i love that nobody thought it should exist – it just happens to be something that moved us. chicago / new jersey / LA @redhearse forever

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