Photo: Chris Day

In a previous music life Leeds based music producer brains Luke Lount and singer Kat McHugh were known as GirlsOnDrugs, a name which has seen them through a successful 2014 supporting the likes of broody pop newcomer Charlotte OC, performing on the same bill as electro pop duo Avec Sans and winning themselves a slot at the Leeds and Reading Festival through the prestigious Centre Stage music competition.

In taking their riveting futuristically darkwave music forward though, the intriguing new music find have now re-named themselves as Polo and they have suitably impressed me with both of their tracks to be found online “Party Talk” and “Running Deep”.

These tracks are served up of experimentally leaning broody melody lines of R’n’B determined direction, which act in support of Kat’s impassionedly executed ethereally projected vocals and which fashion Polo’s music to speak out like an intoxicating mix of nuances of Jessie Ware meets Samson & Delilah era VV Brown.

With Polo I get the feeling that we are only teetering on the cusp of what could evolve to be an impressionable flow of music making creativity to follow and all I know is I want to be hearing more of where it might lead onto next.

Suggest you should get fully immersed into the alluringly dark-pop noir sounds of Polo whilst they’re relatively unknowns at the moment, do this through the dynamically intense visuals for “Party Talk”, the audio stream of “Running Deep” and FREE DOWNLOADS all below, as I think based on what I’ve heard they could become quite a significantly happening new pop thing in the not too distant future.

FREE DOWNLOAD “Party Talk” by Polo (via Bandcamp)

FREE DOWNLOAD “Running Deep” by Polo (via Bandcamp)