Emerging Artists: Physical

Physical are new duo based out of Wellington , New Zealand whose debut track “Islands” is pure synth-pop sonic bliss.

Julia Parr and Nik Brinkman formed Physical over their mutual appreciation of future R&B and synth-pop after both, each of their former bands Black City Lights (Julia) and Junica / Over the Atlantic (Nik) broke up. The story goes they met in a Karaoke bar in Chinatown, New York – they sang “Drive” by The Cars. A song which is quite dear to me also, because it was one of the first singles I blew the sum of a whole week’s pocket money on (it’s still worthy of every penny in old money I spent on it even to this day! I still get goosebumps every time I hear it)

To begin with Nik and Julia began writing together, it wasn’t in their minds to become a duo so much. However, that’s the way their musical partnership has progressed to and they have a debut album “Ride it Out” waiting in the wings to drop more than likely later this year.

I wanted to get in early on Physical because their debut with “Islands” is honestly so good. In that the track is carried by sweeping strokes of soothing synths and Julia’s delightfully divine vocals tones, which when meshed together offer up what amounts to a lush and touching, emotive soundscape. Which I’m having no hesitation popping in alongside the same, lyrical electronic pop category as our old EQ favourites Bim.

Islands” is the kind of song, you can pop on and in an instant drift all your cares away. I can’t think of who wouldn’t fall charmed to such a mesmerizingly enveloping melody to be honest. It’s a gem! And will definitely be the calming influence to ease you through the working week.