Photo: Fiona Garden

It has been the case that I have cast more than a curious eye in the direction of electronic outfit Nimmo from time to time, as they have gone about establishing an alternative leaning perspective towards their niche in sound.

Originally introduced to me as Nimmo and the Gauntletts a fair while ago, after taking the surnames of both female lead vocalists. The act instantly created a whirl of buzz interest for their track “Change”. The then duo has now expanded into a five piece band whilst since becoming known under the moniker of just plain Nimmo.

The bands initially received introduction “Jaded” offered up a sound palette which traversed into the parameters of indie-pop definition, but all he same held cause for recognition owing to it’s level of edgy innovativeness in a La Roux meets the neo-wave dramatic strokes of Echo And The Bunnymen.

Justifiably with the pot stirred, picking up the interest lead to French boutique label Kitsuné jumping on board with the ensuing guitar-friendly single release “Others”, adding a further indie-pop layer to Nimmo’s gauzy amalgamation of dark pop.

The band have definitely been heading towards mapping an off-kilter sound assisted pathway into the electronic arena, all along the way exhibiting an invigoratingly diversified alt-pop formula.

None of the previous has been as permeatingly lucid as the bands latest release, “Dilute This”. Although, the self-assured confidence has always been in evidence, this is the one where I feel Nimmo are to be seen as coming into their own.

Mesmerising lo-fi dance comes to the fore amongst a cinematic elixir of frenetic electronic emblazoned adventure. And it all sounds so wonderously digitalised dramatic and exhilaratingly refreshing.