M-22 Artist Shot Art

When highlighting emerging artists, we mustn’t forget that producers have every right of passage to be included in being brought to notice, afterall they are just as equally the back bone of music creativity, always have been so and perhaps we’d consider growingly becoming more recognised in their positions in the current music place over the last few years especially.

Production is an art, in as much as songwriting and composing have always been seen to be such. As technology expands and offers up a plethora of new tools for producers to exercise their creativity through discovery and experimentation there are no boundaries, the innovative playground is vast.

Whatever genre you choose to concentrate upon there will always be some up-and-coming new talent that comes to light seemingly out of nowhere ready equipped with piece of their music art to show the world what their made of.
We’ve seen it all happen before for production based acts like Gorgon City, Disclosure and Bondax, just a few we name amongst the many that have come through.

In being introduced to British/German duo M-22 there is equal instant acclaim going forward for Matt James and Frank Sanders grasp of turning out mellow as you like but by the same token, room filling deep house jams.

The first of which comes served up as taster release “Some Time” which is set to be swiftly followed up with an official debut launch track.

In the circle of it all, for now “Some Time” boasts a timeless quality that could very well see it being drawn upon as a new-generation house staple finding its way into the kit-bags of the DJ-ing community out at large in clubland.

Hey I’m no deckmaster myself, but if I was, I’d definitely call on “Some Time” action to loop into a mega mix sensation.

As far as I’m concerned M-22 are more than off the starters blocks already. Hang tight music friends before we know it more of the M-22 amazingness will be rolling in.