The Vienna-based electronic-pop act, Lucy Dreams can be mistaken for a duo at first glance. Well, Lucy Dreams is such a duo in a physical sense when considering band members David and Stephan. Yet in actuality, the electronic-pop group does have a crucial third member, namely Lucy. Lucy was stumbled upon by accident when feeding ideas into a digital and analog programmer. However, this AI-powered assistant took on a life of her own and started pinging back electronically interesting soundscapes. Therefore, it’s no surprise that David and Stephan adopted Lucy as a member of the band. Her unique ability to create electronic soundscapes has become an integral part of their music. And furthermore, Lucy Dreams’ creation is a prime example of the potential of AI technology in music.

It’s fascinating to see how Lucy’s leadership in the band has allowed David and Stephan to express their creativity in other ways. With the music element handled by Lucy, they have been able to explore new avenues in terms of lyrics, performance, and visuals in their latest release, “Love“. The song takes a refreshing approach to the concept of love, delving into the essence of human connection rather than the usual theme of heartbreak. Nonetheless, it’s a compelling and thought-provoking piece that is sure to resonate with listeners.

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Collaborating with video director Monika Jungwirth, the band demonstrates their creativity and expertise, not unlike the Pet Shop Boys would do, in creating a compelling visual identity for their release. By dressing up in a variety of fluffy costumes, as if to represent clouds. David and Stephan visually portray in essence the euphoric and blissful emotions associated with being in love. The end result is a video that is visually alluring and emotionally resonant in equal measure.

In my opinion, quirky electronic bands are few and far between in 2024’s music landscape. But quirky and electronic, Lucy Dreams most definitely are. What’s more, they sure know how to turn out an electro beat with the best of them. 

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