Literally all I know about this emerging trio called Koiya can be written on a postage stamp!

So let’s get those facts out of the way first shall we? Koiya are a London based electronic trio formed of brothers Dru (keys, guitar) and Kumar Grant (electronics, percussion), and Emma Wilson (vocals).

In terms of newness, consider Koiya fresh as it gets. They were formed only last year, not that you would suspect this at all from the cinematically, epic debut track “Brood” which they have just unleashed.

I thought that I have heard some pretty impressive spacey, electronic tracks lately, but I have to say “Brood” is skyrocketing to the top of the tree for me.

To break it down. Emma possess a vocal which similarly brings to mind the exquisitely, powerful spectral timbre that is in-keeping with London Grammar’s head songstress Hannah Reid. All sublime and soaring, goosebump inducing vocals. With a depth of power and haunting allure which readily becomes magnificently, intrinsically mesmerising.

But that’s only part of what makes “Brood” so utterly, epically fabulous. The sound and production of this track is majorly atmospheric. It features a whole lot of bass and woozy dub beats turned at the hands of the Grant Brothers. These are steeped in lavishly seductive, sultry tones which sweep you up and carry you along, enveloped in the sonically painted vastness.

Koiya have served up a potently electrifying debut, which as tasters go has me hungry for more. Until then hitting the repeat button will have to suffice I guess.