Brooklyn based music duo Junior Prom have secured my attention with their electro-rock fashioned new single “Cheap Thrills” and I quite think you, the EQ readers will quite possibly be into them too.

Comprised of Mark Solomich and Erik Ratsensperger, Junior Prom view themselves as a duo which isn’t about to be rocking the same old formula’s that equate to good-to-average pop tunes. Junior Prom are about steering clear of the cookie cutter stereotypes, preferring to make connections with the many differing angles of pop parameters that might in-turn led them to stir up the music sphere with their resulting fizzing pop suited wares.

Like their newest indie flushed, electro-rock steeped single “Cheap Thrills”, which is fluid in assertive hook ‘n’ riff spontaneity, matched only by the tracks foot fall of danceability and arena projected vocals, in conveyance of the tracks ideology as explained here by band member Mark Solomich :- “Cheap Thrills is painting a picture of the Saturday night/ Sunday morning, “oh fuck, what did I do/say”, sinking in the pit of your stomach, feeling. You should feel that way when you’re young, at some point. Looking back, maybe we should’ve called it Cheap Grillz.”

Additionally, Moreover, anyone that can put a spin on a Hall and Oates track in such a way that they’ve seemingly made it their own and is way crazily good are ergo, wholly deserving of attention in the first instance and suffice to say our current new favourites of new music slayage.