Fever High

Going by the tantalizingly freestyle nature of their retro pop introduction, we might well wish to begin to fall a little bit in love with the latest Brooklyn spawned pop project Fever High.

At the heart of the project are vocalists Anna Nordeen and Leah Cary together with the overseeing eye of Fountains Of Wayne bass player, turned singer / songwriter / producer Adam Schlesinger masterminding the venture.

With a heel click of their jelly shoes the trio retreat into throwback mode a la in the same train of thought to that of the 80’s R’n’B fusion duo of Nu Shooz on their introductory piece of “That’s So Typical”.

As currently working on the debut album and given that this is only the initial insight we have, it is certainly causing a commotion of fevered anticipation stirred within us just at the mere thought that there might be more of this retro nu disco cocktail of peppy streaming sounds to come.

Oh heck, if it is so that there is more of the same in the offering after this appetizer, for those of us that lived through the decade we’d be best to get our rippling jack your body popping moves in order quite sharpish as they may take some masterinng in doing when you’ve the mind of a 20 year old still and the body now of 40 something.

These beats are designed to make you move and quite honestly once they take hold, the shapeshifting is second nature only to the intoxicating grip of the tracks hook laden spontaneous earworm capabilities, as demonstrated by Anna and Leah in the visual.

Just because you most probably won’t be able to get this out of your head.