It’s increasingly coming to my notice that there is an influx of new bands out there who are stepping out under a multi-genre umbrella. I’d hazard a guess this is most likely because it is viewed there is more chance of success if you can cater to a range of audience types. I personally don’t think this is necessarily proven that it works out best in all cases but I can understand as an act establishing yourself on the new music scene the idea of covering as many bases as you can might appear to be a viable way to launch.

In the instance of New York formed duo The Felix it’s a choice that seems to be paying dividends. Since these guys burst on the scene last summer they have been breaking out hit after hit and virally ascending the ranks of Spotify. The Felix have only just been brought to my notice, but in doing my duty and checking them out, I’m realising that the duo really have earned all the praises and favours being lauded on them.

The Felix say of their music, that it’s “a conscious combination of electronic synth pop, indie rock and urban influences spanning across multiple decades” and that pretty much is the essence of what it is. It’s not overblown PR speak for once, but a truthful account of what the music says and does.

I’m sitting here with smiling eyes, listening to all of The Felix’s tracks up on Spotify right now. I’m totally for the cause of this style of EDM which is huge on melody like on “Coming Back” and the gentler subtleties which come through on “Pretend We Never Met”. The new single “Still Holding On” is one that shouldn’t be overlooked either, on account that it’s synth rocking in an intelligently thought out way, which seems certain to send the track on the same trajectory of streaming greatness as with all The Felix tracks to date.