Fantastic Fantastic

In first choosing an artist name for yourselves you’ve gotta be pretty damn confident in your abilities to be naming youselves something as self appreciating as fantastic, but to do so in double amounts. Could either be seen as being one of three things: a) a fool-hardy decision b) supremely confident or c) a display of wry humour.

In the case of electronic duo Fantastic Fantastic, former DJ’s Micke Lindebergh and Kris Small are definitely onto something quite good, quite good as they’ve turned themselves into a production duo who are tapping into an arena developed of electro-funkisized synth sounds.

In the small amount of time since the tranisition took place from that of disc jockeys to production orientated duo, Fantastic Fantastic have accumulated four dynamically upbeat tracks to their name. In carving out something of a signature sound for themselves, Fantastic Fantastic point towards the certified dreamy electronica in likeness to Empire Of The Sun. With hazy house beats and shimmer inter- twinned with whisper light vocals adorning the back-bone of Fantastic Fantastic’s catalogue to date.

Initial releases “Houses”, “Never Enough” and “The Night” which appeared last year, all encompass a certain amount of cosmic leaning grandeur emanating from their supernaturally alluding pull of mystique. Forming a sound platform of sonic tonality to build upon as they continue to grow as a production unit.

Newest cut “Boulevard” displays similar tendancies but is overseen by a richly syncopated rhythm which evokes a certain amount of sunkissed shimmer and summery piqued warmth.

The total sum of Fantastic Fantastic’s work thus far, is accomplished in field of depth and is indicative of a good understanding of artistry.

The duo have everything to suggest that they might yet become more than quite good, to arrive at the full measure of Fantastic Fantastic yet. All it will take is an extra splice of wow, which they are surely capable of giving in the fullness of time.