Draco Draco

I suppose it is the tendency nowadays to view EDM as genre that it is littered choca full with cookie cutter pressed dancefloor ready bangers that hold no great artistic context shape about them and in truth that market is saturated by and large with such, that the word EDM itself has rather been looked upon as close to reaching EDMmargeddon!

As we are always willing to listen to upcoming artists and acts who enter into this arena to challenge these claims by injecting a nod of creative definition into the equation, we’d now like to introduce the melodic curated electronic dance music of up-and-coming duo Draco Draco.

Rather than going full-on all steamers blazing into the dance projected club scene, Draco Draco’s production brains Dave Whiting and vocalist Danny Polaris place their accent upon a combination of pop sensibilities and house stylizing, steering their evolving sound with a noteworthy hit of authenticity.

Being only a few tracks into their infancy Draco Draco are showing to us that they can more than muster up pleasurable sounding tunes that are brought into view by the conscientious jazz infliction of Danny’s attentively applied vox.

Draco Draco’s latest track “Stars” does just that! There is no need to take it to powerhouse or over-stretched diva scaling heights, as when tailored with a driving euro-beat of high NRG vibrancy, it is the unflinchingly naturally resonating vocal presence which grounds the track into a proportionate pop assisted level, adding a legitimately founded discipline of substance upon it.

To further substantiate upon the duo’s key strengths, when revisiting The Pointer Sister’s “I’m So Excited”, Draco Draco approach their interpretation of the associated disco classic by giving it a deep house makeover, letting the guard down on the glitz of the original the duo open up a sonic palette and succeed in giving it an altogether contemporary lift.

With their wholeheartedly engaging connective outlook Draco Draco’s foray into the EDM arena is one which should be applauded for bringing a level of validity and creditability back into the considered, maligned and over-worked genre.