When the press rolls in on a band claiming that their work is in similarity to Chvrches, Capital Cities and Empire Of The Sun, you can bet as sure as eggs that I‘d crumble in curiosity. Luckily it’s not a false statement with regard to the dudes of The C.I.P who have since occupied my full attention with an advance of their upcoming debut album “Daydream”.

This emerging electronic duo formed of Italian singer/songwriter Michele Scheveger and Simone Cavalli who heads up the production, have seen their track “We’ll Set The World On Fire” well received back home in Italy but work out of Dublin, Ireland and Australia also.

I cannot hold-back The C.I.P’s debut album is seriously on the money folks, the twosome have seen to it to serve up a contemporary spin pointed towards an 80’s throwback sensibility but oh, rather than go all out in retro mode they’ve carved out a path not too dissimilar to that of electronic acts like Garcon Garcon (now disbanded), Sound Of Arrows, and The Young Professionals all of whom have sparked massive interest with us here at EQ.

Seems on the back of their home success, debut album “Daydream” is to receive an official and widely available release come March 2015 it is certainly one that should be honed in on for some listening action for sure, especially if any of the previous artists I’ve mentioned particularly float your boat.

There isn’t too much online as yet in setting up this release, it all falls to the euro-pop driven anthem “We’ll Set The World On Fire” to act it’s part as initial catalyst of interest. Whilst this is all good stuff just hang tight for The C.I.P album to drop there is much more depth and innovation too it that’s sure to get our electronic pulses racing! For the time being until the time is right, settle back and get in the moment with the Stepford wives alluding visual.