Sometimes all we want and need are gentle melodies and the dreamiest of vocals to find their way into our lives. Where they will nestle and become among our go-to tracks when seeking out beautifully lush sounds to unwind and become rejuvenated with.

It’s not such an easy ask of an electronic based act but for those that come up with the goods, it really does put them on quite a pedestal of exposure. Even so, every now and again we come across such an act that has the ability to take us off into a deep emotive realm of blissful exquisiteness. And it might just be that emerging, Suffolk based duo Amethysts are the new name to look to for this.

With two sweet tracks to their name, Amethysts are definitely on-the-rise in our opinion. They sound much like a cross-pollination of London Grammar and Bim, and by those words alone you should be put in a mindset of just how yearning of loveliness the duo’s soft but effective tune making is.

Equally both tracks out, the newly released “Stones” and the previous single and our favourite of the two “My Love” are of the most delicate kind of pop magic, that spellbinds in an instant and which can so easily lead to becoming a new obsession.

If you truly appreciate pop that is uncluttered and all ways gorgeous, Amethysts will have you floating on cloud 9 on your way to knocking on the gates of acoustic, electronic pop heaven.