Zee 2

Photo: Tanya Ghosh

Colour us quite ecstatically beside ourselves to introduce emerging New York based pop artist known as Zee to the readers of EQ.

To be frank Zee hasn’t always been known as Zee, previous to the recent name change over this fine specimen of burgeoning pop stardom, rolled with being called Joe Bissell and it saw him nicely through his time at the Berklee College of Music and onward through a few previous music projects.

Well fancy this! in now launching as Zee this bright pop newcomer takes to the notion of rhyming both his name Zee and debut track of “Refugee”, which is all very clever when you think about it isn’t it! but not only is this of a seemingly astute move whether it is purely the result of consequence or not, you can’t deny that the lot rolls off the tongue nicely and mores to the point sticks firmly in the memory.

Mindful of what has gone before, the debut track from Zee of “Refugee” equates in an intelligent slice of majestic pop vision and talent.

At first instance, leading with tendancies towards that of an urban infused ballad, “Refugee” motors up in the power stakes to evolve into an empowering pop anthem, both injected by the tenacious nature of the lyrics and by the competent powerhouse delivery.

In my humble opinion, from the musical acorn of “Refugee” all pointers bode well for Zee and outcome that our new music radar will now commence to be locked onto the Zee’s social circle for news of new music developments.

Refugee” has made an impression with us, and would advise that you might allow it to make an impression on your playlist with this impressively resplendent FREE DOWNLOAD.