The emerging artist, twst, I am spotlighting on the blog today is truly inspiring. They are proof-positive that you don’t necessarily need to be signed to a record label to gain radio support and airplay. Twst, the London-based Welsh artist, songwriter, and producer, has gained the backing of BBC Radio One on several occasions. This is due to the artist’s unique and visionary approach to electronic music, which is both distinctive and impeccably produced.

It was my intention to write about twst a few months ago, but unfortunately, time evaded me then. However, as the end of the year approaches and many album campaigns subsequently, wind down. I am grateful for the opportunity to catch up on artists like twst that I missed out on featuring earlier due to an overload of bloggable music.

When listening to twst’s recent releases “Off-World” and “Most Viewed“, I did have the sense that I would end up writing about them. Moreover as the music is really something special. Namely, they exhibit skilful crafting and are just the thing that could end up featured on tastemaker end-of-year lists. Although since the track “Catch Me (Beautiful Fall)” is the most mainstream-styled twst release. It therefore stands to reason why this track in particular recently caught the ears of listeners, resulting in over half a million streams and counting.

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The combination of ethereal vocals (reminiscent of Ellie Goulding), and electrifying musicality teamed with hyper-pop sensibilities, is a potent mix hard to resist. “Catch Me (Beautiful Fall)” is an impressive showcase of their talent. It’s wholly apparent twst is ready to make the leap from bedroom pop act to bona fide musical artist. Their music is perfect for bigger stages and venues. I can’t wait to see them touring in support slots and festival appearances. Keep an eye out for them next time a music event line-up is announced.

Additionally, twst has one last gig booked this year, which is a headline show at The Grace, London on December 12th. You can grab tickets for the show here.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/twstwstwstwst/