“I wanted to BE Madonna when I was younger,” admits Theresa. “It really wasn’t about her sex appeal. I just loved her style and her story. I loved seeing what she was going to do next. And I loved that she did it ALL. She wrote she sang, she acted. And she still does it on her terms.”

If you didn’t catch it above, today’s emerging artist is Theresa. Who I feel certain won’t mind me mentioning, that she’s somewhat a late-bloomer in terms of chasing her dreams as a recording artist. Although, she’s been dreaming of pop stardom since being a youngster and began writing original songs at the age of eleven. Only, life dealt her some cruel blows, which had a huge impact on her, meaning that at the time, she had to shelve her pop star ambitions. However, since clocking up a certain milestone birthday, made Theresa want to reignite her aspirations, she hasn’t looked back, only strived forward with unleashing her colourful 80s and 90s inspired tracks.

Today Theresa unleashes her, flirty track “Kiss Kiss.” The 80s vibes are strong this one. It sounds like the bubbliest of bubblegum. I’m imagining that if it was a flavour, I expect it would taste of watermelon bubblicious. This is how, candy popping, 80s authentic the track sounds. You know, I cannot help myself but pick out traces of electro-pop, past when given the chance. I’m feeling “Kiss Kiss” has a smattering of “Two of Hearts” by Stacey Q mixed with shades of Sabrina “Boys (Summertime Love.)” A wunderbar dollop of pop fun and grooves which doesn’t take itself too seriously. Yes, sometimes it is nice to reminisce about way back, when, life was more carefree than it is now. I’m thinking, Theresa got her hooks into this feeling when she struck upon the feel-good factor the track most definitely has.

Kiss Kiss” celebrates all the feels and excitement of having a crush. We all have had that someone in our eye we probably shouldn’t be crushing on.” Says Theresa.

Seems like Theresa is into curating a brand of instantly infectious pop music for herself while making us realise that we must not lose sight of the worth of happy pop songs. I can resonate with this vibe. Can you love “Kiss Kiss” too much, I’m asking myself, as I’m paused to hit the repeat button again, and again? Anything goes, advises my inner voice, it’s the weekend.

Connect with Theresa
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theresamusicofficial/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/theresamusic_
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theresamusicofficial/

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