A rising star in the entertainment industry, Talia Mar is making waves. Already a successful YouTuber, she has amassed a strong following for her beauty, make-up, lifestyle content, and gaming live streams. But that’s not all – Talia is a multifaceted artist, creator, and performer. Similarly, it’s no surprise that she set her sights on carving out a music career. In fact, it would be rather strange if Talia were not one to watch out for in 2024. With her talent and versatility, she is sure to make a significant impact.

Talia Mar’s music career has been shaping up remarkably, first with independent releases, followed by guest spots on dance tracks with Sigala and Nathan Dawe. Scoring chart success with these collaborations has seen Talia concentrate on her burgeoning solo music career in earnest this year. Where she released debut singles, “Self-Portrait” and “Forget About Your Ex.”

I didn’t really connect with the debut singles a lot simply because they didn’t appeal to me style wise. However, the latest release, “Bored“, hones a noughties banger aesthetic that in my opinion gives off Sugababes vibes. The transition from her earlier releases to “Bored” is remarkable. A testament to Talia’s versatility as an artist. Unquestionably, it is a revelation, of how one track can singularly change a person’s perception of an artist. And “Bored” has certainly caught my attention.

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Speaking about the release, she says: “Bored,” has that 2000s pop feel that I’ve really wanted to bring back for a while. I grew up listening to the Britney’s and Christina’s, and I just fell in love with that era of music. I think we really captured those big synths and crazy beats that were so iconic back then.”

Seemingly, the Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera inspiration is not limited to the track alone. Needless to say, fans of either of these artists will definitely enjoy watching the video for “Bored“. This is notable because the dance choreography exhibits a sense of both these pop superstars. Thus making it a must-see for fans of the genre. Furthermore, it is evident that Talia Mar has found something special in this song, and it would be amazing to see her explore this 00s style further in an EP.

With her music career on the rise, now is the perfect time to discover Talia Mar and experience her evolving talent firsthand.

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