I just found out about Suriel Hess, after my son brought the singer-songwriter to my attention. It is not unusual for my son to share his new music finds with me. Although more often than not, he’ll end up ticked off with me because I’ve had to make him aware I already know about or have written about them. A couple of days ago he made me listen to “Overthinking” Hess’s latest release. Instantly it hit me what an earworm this track is. I knew I had to break away from going through my submission pile and share the song right away on the blog.

While undertaking my usual web research, I found out Oregon native Suriel, auditioned for American Idol’s first series when it returned in 2018 on the ABC TV network. (However, the audition didn’t air.) He’s amassed a significant following on YouTube (over 400K subscribers.) His mix of cover songs and originals tracks are not just connecting with the YouTube community they are proving popular as well.

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His musical style is mostly imbued, with an indie-pop feel, that can be likened to Lauv. Consisting of easy-on-the-ear melodies teamed with thoughtful lyricism. “Overthinking” adheres to Hess’s signature formula of marrying, evocative melodies with silky smooth toplines and alluring vocals. The repeated “Overthinking” refrain is pretty much inescapable, as far as lyrical hooks go, but is utterly crucial and important, when analyzing the meaning of the lyrics. The constant repeat cycle of music together with repeated mentions of “Overthinking” is itself a good representation of what it is like when the mind is not able to switch-off. The detrimental effects which usually leads to anxiety and panic attacks. On the face of, what is a completely hummable song is something much more profound and insightful. I love it when a little song powerfully conveys so much more when you go deeper into it.

Heartfelt and carefully crafted pop with a modern feel like “Overthinking” is sure to catch on. It is music which is speaking volumes. Hot and on-trend. I hope the track gets picked-up by some astute industry scout. As I feel Suriel Hess might well find himself with an unexpected hit on his hands.

Connect with Suriel Hess
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/surielhess
Twitter: https://twitter.com/surielhess
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/surielhess/

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