Sam Wills

If you thought all was lost on the electronic soul front, since Sam Smith went and took off from the scene for a bit. Then you need to be introduced to up-and-coming new artist Sam Wills who is forging his way onto great things.

Bred on a diet of funk and R’n’B soul. The emerging artist proffers a sonically unified blend of neo-housed soundwaves which are every way affecting as they are infectiously ear catching.

In drawing influences to Sam Wills style of music, you’ll hear names such as Jamie Woon, Disclosure and Prince thrown into the ring. It’s not with unfounding though, as Sam part emulates and exercises his creativity in a completely, alternatively steered direction. Which is turning heads by power of his debut EP “So Bright” alone.

The Sam Wills sound, is one that is set to go this distance. And we’re convinced you’ll be hearing his name being dropped more and more in the future.

So here’s a little insight on what Sam Wills music is all about from the man himself, as we were fortuitous to be able to take Sam aside for a brief chat at the British Summer Time festival.

As indicated by Sam, we really should go in for a listen of “Electrified” to fully appreciate and identify with this chilled approach of electronic soul, that sends you off into another world and truly makes him an emerging artist to watch out for.