Sam Sure

Now seems as a good time as any to get acquainted some with burgeoning singer/songwriter talent Sam Sure since, he is about to step out on tour supporting this year’s tastemakers championed new act Years & Years.

Afterall, it’s only been as much as a couple of months since Sam inked with Black Butter Records and released well received debut single “Hunger”.

Feeling that this track had slightly dipped under our music radar when it first debuted late last year, given this reprise doesn’t leave us so much leave us out in the cold, so to speak, in recognising the overall encouraging electronic pop potential of Sam Sure.

Sonically enveloped in chilled-out bass tones, “Hunger” seems to knowingly capture the listening ear with Sam’s mellifluously gleaming strokes of lucid melody and achingly assured lamenting vocals at the helm of it.

Sam Sure may have surfaced out of London’s underground electronic scene in the first instance, yet the weight of promise that just this track “Hunger” brings with it though, along with the deliciously sumptuous crafting on display here, all looks undeniably on course to secure Sam Sure a foothold into further future successes, as this year unfolds.