These days, when a new emerging male artist debuts a pop orientated track I sit up and listen because it’s a rare occurrence over the influx of male crooning soul popsters who we hear about on a daily basis. So when I was alerted to “Compound Fracture” the debut release by Busted’s touring drummer Ross Harris, I was intrigued to find out how a drummer embarking on a solo career might sound.

I feared the song might have a target market of a teenage audience, because of Ross’s association with the youthful pop-rock band. Going in on first listen my expectations were not, particularly high, unexpectedly though I learned that the track was nothing like the power, propulsive pop the band are best known for. Ross has a commercial sounding vocal, which just has a tiny ounce of rock-pop vibes. The style of the track is melodic pop with an undertone of vulnerability and is driven by an uplifting electronic beat. The lyrics are strewn with metaphorical references, dealing with moving on from being mentally hurt and mending wounded emotions.

I believe the majority of charting modern pop music has drowned out creativity for the sake of securing a hit. There are too many sound-a-likes and not enough forward thinkers or acts that make themselves stand out because they are distinctive. If the goal is to be one of the most talked-about new artists, you have to do exactly all of the above.

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