Rae Morris 1

She’s practically in the same age bracket as Lorde and she’s practically got the same style of hair, she’s also proving to be in possession of some similarly fine elysian intriguing vocals and is presently moreover, becoming the music circles new go to darling of vocal collaboration. However, unlike Lorde indie alternative songbird Rae Morris doesn’t hail from New Zealand, she’s from Blackpool.

A good time has been spent in fashioning Rae’s folky eclectic sound, to date having released 3 EP’s worth. The all-embracing esoterically accomplished lass looks as though she might be about to gain even further ground in noticability as her forthcoming debut album has been overseen in production by Ariel Rechtshaid, whose previously been responsible for working with similarly unconventional pop artists Charli XCX and Sky Ferreira.

The reveal in Rechtshaids and Morris’s work together comes through the unveiling of the gracefully fine-spun left-of-field track “Skin” from the impending album.

It is Rae’s delicately pronounced vocal steadfastness on “Skin”, which projects with a mature and pure clarity set against an ethereally minimal backdrop of percussion strewn back up, that indicates Rae is blossoming worthingly into a songbird of some rightfully commended stature.

Currently Rae’s dreamy vocal presence is also to be found sweeping through indie alt-pop band Bombay Bicycle Club’s latest track “Luna”.

Whilst Rae’s own album taster track “Skin” is available for FREE DOWNLOAD.

In working with Ariel Rechtshaid we might well be finding our future selves listening and loving more of Rae Morris’s work in the upcoming months especially as “Skin” pans out somewhere crossways into the realms of Marina, Jonna Lee and Lykke Li, to my mind.

The accompanying video is beautifully enrapturing as an aesthetic and contemporary expressive performance piece.