Phoebe Hall is an alt-pop newcomer rising through the ranks, with a staggeringly significant heap of music industry praise bestowed upon her already. Phoebe’s latest release, “Like This,” popped up on my Spotify release radar this week, and I am glad it showed up. Considering that I have shared a tonne of pop, electronic and dance-pop tracks on the blog lately. It feels good to discover some new and brilliantly authentic alt-pop music again.

Tuning into Phoebe, I was pleasantly surprised by the lively and energetic sound of the latest release, “Like This“. The dynamic combination of pop-punk-style guitars and spiky-affected vocals created an impactful listening experience. Additionally, I found the highly emotive lyrics discussing appearance and gender identity as equally impressive. Consequently “Like This” compelled me to explore more of Phoebe’s work beyond just this one track.

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It’s interesting to note, “Like This” departs from Phoebe’s alt-pop roots. However, the track also represents a grittier step forward from her 2022 debut EP, “Runaway,” which has a more acoustic singer-songwriter style. Although, notably, when considering “Codependent,” a track she released just a month ago. It is a thoughtful and articulate electro-infused alt-pop song where she examines intense feelings of obsession. Clearly, “Codependent” marked a more daring and fleshed-out approach to her music, which is increasingly evident in her latest release, “Like This.”

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Phoebe is very much a lyrical artist openly embracing authenticity. She writes about experiences and identity, shared from a thoughtful queer perspective. Saying that “Like This“…

“It’s the most literal and honest I’ve been about my identity and how I feel most days when trying to get ready and wear clothes and all of those things”.

She describes “Like This” as a “queer, angry but also celebratory anthem.”

Phoebe’s music is not purely for the queer community; it’s for everyone. Her songs educate, inspire, and challenge us to think differently and live unapologetically. Most significantly, with each release, Phoebe pushes boundaries. She also continually raises the bar for queer representation in the music industry. Unquestionably, Phoebe has the makings of a powerful presence in pop and is therefore, undoubtedly one of the most exciting newcomers of the moment.

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